Portable Aircon Philippines


Airrex brand Portable Aircon from South Korea

Our Airrex brand Portable Aircon is excellent as back-up cooler for data center as these units we have was purchased or rented by telecom companies, banks, IT companies, … Read more...

Cooling Data Centers who is a better brand?


There are suppliers in the industry that covers this kind of job a few of these the more famous are Airrex Philippines, Agrekko, and Arctic Industry. Agrekko uses a combination of China made non-branded machines … Read more...

Airrex portable aircon in shooting (Cignal Satlite product)


Airrex portable aircon had its contract with one of the leading commercial company in the Philippines as the portable aircon cooler in the production set. Adapted the flexible hose or Anaconda as what the film … Read more...